Friday, October 14, 2011

SOG Seal Pup Elite TigerStripe Fixed Blade Knife Review

If you want all the features of the original SEAL Knife in a smaller profile, the SOG M37T-K Tiger Striped SEAL Pup is the survival knife for you. The blade is made of High Performance AUS8 Stainless Steel. This knife is excellent for both outdoor and underwater adventures. Designed for use by Navy SEALs, the M37T-K has a powder-coated, tiger-stripe finish, for that extra cool “I kick ass” look as well as corrosion protection and low reflection. There is a partial serration on the blade of the knife for easy cutting. The double point teeth make this one of the best serrated edges to cut with in my opinion but not the easiest to sharpen. The blade is 4.75 inches long making it easy to handle and decent enough to handle medium-sized jobs. At 9 inches overall, and weighing in at 5.4 ounces, this knife is very easy to handle and maneuver.

SOG M37T-K Tiger Stripe SEAL Pup Survival Knife has a glass reinforced Zytel handle with a raised diamond pattern which makes this one of the best grips ever made for a Survival Knife in my opinion. I love the Zytel handles. You could grease this handle up and still get a secure grip, although I don’t recommend you actually grease up the handle. But this handle will not become slippery when working with it in extreme weather conditions. The handle is ergonomically shaped and overall this knife is well-balanced.

This knife comes with a tactical kydex sheath. The knife seats securely with good, positive retention, and has a button closure strap for the handle. Overall this survival knife is well-balanced, ergonomic, lightweight and a great size for handling medium-sized survival related tasks. This knife is backed by a lifetime warranty that protects against defects in manufacturing and materials.

These blades are used quite a bit by the military as combat knives and they are exactly what you would want if what was stalking you for two days wasn't a bear but an insurgent! If you're a knife hunter like me you'll love this knife.

You have got to hold one of these in your hand to know what I am talking about. When you search for Survival Knife Reviews on any of the SOG SEAL Pup knives, you will find 5 stars everywhere you look.

To buy or get more information on the SOG SEAL Pup Elite 4.85" TigerStripe Black TiNi Combo Edge Blade with Kydex Sheath, click the link below.

SOG SEAL Pup Elite 4.85" TigerStripe Black TiNi Combo Edge Blade with Kydex Sheath

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