Friday, September 9, 2011

Winchester Large Bowie Knife Review

The Winchester Large Bowie Survival Knife has all the features of a true Bowie. It is priced low and manufactured well. This knife has a full tang construction and a finger grooved wood handle. The blade is 8.57 inches long and made from Stainless Steel. It seems to be made from 420-J2 Stainless Steel. Not the best steel but I will say that it is not flimsy, although it obviously isn’t as good as a lot of other steels. Winchester is a manufacturer that produces Survival Knives for the Gerber Brand. (Winchester being Ford and Gerber being Lincoln) The overall length of this knife is 14.25 inches and it weighs 14.4 ounces. Prolonged use seems more cumbersome than you would feel for comparably sized, higher quality survival knives.

The handle is made from wood and is detailed with brass rivets. There are finger grooves on the handle for a comfortable and secure grip. The brass cross guard separates your hand from the blade and matches the other brass accents. I am not a big fan of wood handles on survival knives. I prefer rubberized grips for using a survival knife in all weather conditions. I will admit that the finger grooves do help keep the grip secure and comfortable though.

he Winchester Bowie knife comes with a durable ballistic nylon sheath which does a good job holding the Winchester Bowie Survival Knife. The hard plastic liner keeps the blade safe, while the two retaining straps keep your knife in a safe place until you’re ready to use it.

This isn’t as nice as something like a SOG SEAL Pup but this knife costs less than a third of that class of survival knife. So if you need something for around the house or maybe for light camping, then this knife does the job and it costs very little. I rate this knife at 3.5 stars but other Survival Knife Reviews rate it at 4.5 stars. I believe they are considering the fact that it costs so little. I am reviewing it based on how it would be used in a survival situation. After all, this is sold as a Survival Knife, shouldn’t it be rated on its ability to perform as one?

I like Winchester Bowie Knife and would buy it again. It has proved sturdier than I first gave it credit for and is a steal for the price.

To buy or get more information on the Winchester Large Bowie Knife, click the link below.

Winchester Large 14 1/4" Overall Bowie Knife

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