Friday, January 7, 2011

Gerber Guardian Backup Knife Review

The Gerber Guardian Back-Up knife is the ideal image of stealth and camouflage in a fixed blade. The light feel of the Nylon Gerber handle is the definition of comfort, weighing only 3 ounces and having Soft grip inserts. It doesn't matter how much pressure you use on the Gerber knife, the Guardian won't break or bend and is great to use in any weather. The black Gerber blade is rust resistant and has a double-edge to increase your cutting. The molded plastic sheath is the perfect fit for your Gerber blade, you can clip it anywhere and keep the knife from drawing attention to yourself.

Gerber Guardian Backup Tanto
Based on its existing Guardian Back-Up design, Gerber developed the Gerber Back-Up with a Tanto style blade to replace (for those who wanted it) the double-edged spear point blade of the original Guardian Back-Up. Let's be honest: anyone who has carried and used knives for long enough has preferences in blade design, handle shape, etc. Plenty of people prefer the well-documented historical performance of the Tanto style blade. For penetration strength it's hard to beat and its sharp edge cuts as well as any other sharp edge. In this case, the 3/4" cutting edge, including the 1" of serrated edge, is supported by a full 1/8" thickness in the blade steel to within 5/8" of the tip.

The blade is made of High Carbon Stainless steel, and has been blackened to make it non-reflective. Indeed the only shiny part of the knife is the sharpened edges on either side of the blade. It is a “3/4 tang blade”, meaning that the blade continues three-quarters of the way to the end of the handle. With the use of a magnet I was able to verify that this is the case. On one side of the blade is the Gerber logo, and the words Portland OR beneath it. All are in gold lettering.

The black handle is constructed of “glass filled nylon” covered with “Santoprene”. It feels to be almost as soft as rubber, but more durable. It does not get slippery, even with wet hands. It has held up very well also.

The sheath is constructed from black molded plastic. It has the Gerber logo molded into the front of it, and a metal clip on the back. The clip can be used as a traditional belt loop, a boot sheath, or an inverted hanging sheath. On either side of the sheath are two sliding tabs. The tabs lock onto grooves on the side of the sheath. By sliding the tabs up towards the open end of the sheath, it tightens the hold of the sheath on the knife blade. This holds it more securely and necessitates more force to pull the knife out of the sheath. By sliding the tabs down towards the closed end of the sheath, it loosens the hold on the blade, allowing it to come out easier.

At the very end of the sheath is a small lanyard hole measuring 3/16" (4 mm) across.

To buy or get more information about the Gerber Guardian Back Up 3-3/8" Blade Knife, click the link below.

Gerber Guardian Back Up 3-3/8" Blade

To buy or get more information about the Gerber Guardian Back-Up Tanto Boot Knife 3.4" Combo Blade Knife, click the link below.

Gerber Guardian Back-Up Tanto Boot Knife 3.4" Combo Blade

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