Monday, January 3, 2011

Knife Review Video of the Week - Spyderco Native Knife

This week's Knife Review Video of the Week is: Spyderco Native Knife Review

Spyderco Native

Spyderco Native
Spyderco Native Folding Knife 3-1/16" S30V Satin Plain Blade, Black FRN Handles

This ultra modern pocket knife is ergonomically designed for effective use. That could just be gibberish, but Spyderco actually did something differently and even a little better with this one. There's a finger notch farther up the knife than usual, half handle and half blade. Does that make for easier use and better leverage? Yes.

If you buy the version with the combination edge -- serrated at the base and plain at the tip -- that advantage will be canceled out. Plain edge knives, even without the notch, are practical for that same reason: maximum leverage is right at the base of the blade. Every time I see a combo edge knife I think about how awkward it will be if I want to do something besides cut rope; plain edge knives are better for almost everything else.

The build of this knife is light duty. It's not a prybar or a hammer. If you abuse it in those ways you'll be sorry. If you need a pocket knife that won't get lost under the change in your pocket, the clip on the Spyderco Native's handle will solve that problem perfectly. If you want a pocket knife with a handle stout enough to use without slipping in your hand, the wide and secure composite handle slabs give you that. The 3 1/8" high carbon stainless steel blade unlocks and folds to a closed length of 3 15/16", small enough to clip to your belt or pocket without looking like a survivalist even if you are one.

The Spyderco Native is available in many different styles and/or colors. To buy or to get more information, click the link directly below.

Spyderco Native Folding Knives

To buy or get more information about the Spyderco Native Folding Knife 3-1/16" S30V Satin Plain Blade Knife, click the link below.

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