Tuesday, October 18, 2011

SOG Visionary II Folding Knife Review

The Visionary II is another great product from SOG knives. It’s built on the body of the SOG X Ray Vision but with a great new blade from the line of Elite series. The first thing I noticed about this knife after using it for a while was the fact that the knife handle is so light and has a great feel in the hand . The handle is very well thought out and has no hard edges that will be rough on your hands after a long day of cutting.

The handles are constructed of two slabs of black Zytel which is a lightweight glass filled nylon engineered for strength and durability. The knife carries point up, and is easily switchable from left to right and back. Construction is of torx screws throughout except for the clip, which is a phillip's screw. It is incredibly thin, but fits your hand pretty good (at least my size large hands). The handle is based off the SOG XRay Vision series, and is fairly slip resistant (I haven't used oil or anything, so this is a dry-scale comparison).

The SOG Visionary II is a very light weight (only 4.3 oz.) knife. All of the weight is in the blade. The handle is rugged but light weight. It sits deep in your pocket so that it is not obvious that you are carrying a knife. The weight makes it very good for hiking. My only complaint is that I wish it came with a serrated blade which would make cutting rope much easier.

The blade is shaped off of the SOG Spec-Elite, which is clip point design, and utilizes VG10 for the blade steel. It takes an exceptional edge, and is drastically more wear and impact resistant than AUS 8. While some say it doesn't sharpen as easily, I disagree (that may also be because I maintain my edges daily). While it may take longer, the bur that exists does not fight you and continually flip sides. It's much easier to sharpen, but will take longer to do so if you neglect the knife. The serrations on the thumb ramp are pretty nice - aggressive enough to be useful, not so aggressive it tears up clothing and your hands in use. The overall length of the SOG Visionary II is 8.37 inches and comes equipped with a 3.75" blade.

The Visionary II features SOG's patented Arc lock technology - for those of you who are familiar with Benchmade knives, you've heard of the Axis lock. This is pretty much the same thing, just a knock off concept. The lock is made of a bar that is moved on a track via a perpendicular bar that goes through the steel reinforcements of the handle, and is held against the blade with two springs. This allows you to open the blade extremely fast by holding the lock back a bit, and also allows you to close the blade without putting your finger on the blade, or in it's swing path. The action is very smooth, and the lock itself has held 1000 pounds without failure. That's strong enough for me.

My conclusion on the SOG Visionary II is that it is an excellent knife for every day carry because it is very lightweight, well made and very reliable. The VG-10 steel is a very good quality steel that holds an edge very well. In comparison, I also own a SOG Flash knife and the construction of the Visionary seems to be all-around better. Although the black powder-coating is meant to keep light from reflecting off of the blade, it also acts as a good non-stick coating when cutting meat or other foods. I also think that the Arc-Lock is just as fast to open and actually faster to close, than the assisted open knives. I really like this folding knife and will probably carry it for many years to come.

To buy or get more information on the SOG Visionary II with Arc Lock Dual Thumb Studs 3.75" Black Plain Edge Blade
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SOG Visionary II with Arc Lock Dual Thumb Studs 3.75" Black Plain Edge Blade

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