Friday, December 9, 2011

Schrade Extreme Survival Special Forces Fixed Blade Knife Review

This Extreme Survival Knife is decent considering it has a hollow handle. It has a multi-bit screwdriver that threads into the butt end of the handle. The blade is 7 inches long and is made from 1070 High Carbon Steel so it will lose it’s edge faster than better steels. This is a copy of the Chris Reeves’ knife. The blade is one piece of steel and the knife is 12.5 inches in overall length. The balance in this knife is OK but not great and it is rather heavy for a knife this size. There is a decent amount of belly on the blade and has a small section of serrations near the handle. I prefer serrations on the top of a blade because it can be a pain to sharpen a blade with serrations on the cutting edge and you also lose that space close to the handle for cutting purposes.

Schrade Extreme Survival Special Forces 5.6" Plain Blade, Nylon Sheath

The Schrade SCHF2 Extreme Special Forces Survival Knife has a hollow handle. I don’t particularly like or recommend hollow handle survival knives. Obviously with a hollow handle survival knife, you don’t get a full tang, and in turn less durability and strength. The handle is sealed with an o-ring and comes with a 10 piece screwdriver kit housed within the handle (Seems like an odd choice for Survival). I will say I was a little surprised at how solid this knife actually is, considering it has a hollow handle. I would still be concerned with the blade separating from the handle eventually with heavy use.

The sheath is nylon and doesn’t fit the knife particularly well. The knife is rather loose when it’s in the sheath and the attachment points on the sheath are placed oddly and don’t seem useful based on their placement and there is a rectangular steel ring at the top of the sheath that seems plain stupid. I suggest you buy a Kydex sheath to replace it if you decided to use this knife in the field.

I am not particularly fond of survival knives with a hollow handle. They are usually more gimmick than knife but I will admit this knife seems to be more knife than gimmick. It is solid and rather heavy for a knife this size which can be cumbersome to use at times. If you absolutely have to get a survival knife with a hollow handle to play “Rambo” and store some small survival gear in the handle then this is one of the better ones I have come across but I say make sure you have a survival knife with a full tang on hand in case this one breaks.

To buy or get more information on the Schrade Extreme Survival Special Forces with 5.6" Plain Blade and Nylon Sheath , click the link below.

Schrade Extreme Survival Special Forces 5.6" Plain Blade, Nylon Sheath

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  1. It is full tang. They mill the blade and handle out of a single piece oh steel.