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KA-BAR Kukri Machete Review

KA-BAR Kukri Machete 11-1/2" Blade, Leather / Cordura Sheath

If I hear the name Ka-Bar I think of the tried and true fighting knife that's standard equipment for U.S. Marines. It isn't fancy, but most Marines can't break it. Ka-Bar does branch out into other parts of the knife industry from time to time, and the 17" (overall) KA-BAR Black Kukri is one of the company's efforts to exploit markets beyond the Marine Corps.

This isn't the classic Gurkha knife (which still is standard military equipment for soldiers in India). It's been redesigned for the American market. Part of me likes that, and part of me doesn't. The blade is lighter than the traditional kukri, which does make it more sensible if you intend to do some long distance trail hiking. But if you are an ultralight hiker, you aren't going to pick this mini-machete as a companion. Well, I might, but most backpackers wouldn't. Hikers argue about ounces, and whether it make sense to carry them: I would say that when a knife is concerned, ounces are justified.

The KA-BAR Kukri machete was designed with the weight forward. If you look at the design of the blade, leaf pointed and hooked, it's obviously made for chopping and slashing. That's useful for outdoorsmen who might need to clear a campsite or cut a trail. In Colonial India this knife was used for that purpose as much as for combat. Dropping the weight from the blade makes it less efficient for chopping brush, but easier to carry. In our modern times, when we visit the wilderness rather than conquer it, that makes good sense.

Surviving the toughest field testing, the Ka Bar Kukri Machete boasts excellent test results in chopping and basic field use.

It is constructed with 1085 carbon steel blades. Ergonomically shaped Kraton G thermoplastic elastomer handle insures a non-slip grip. The Kabar Kukri measures 17” overall, blade length is 11”. The machete is sold with black leather/Cordura combination sheaths.

Perfect for chopping down weeds, clearing a camp site or cutting small branches, the Ka-Bar Kukri Machete makes a great all-purpose survival machete.

Simply put, the Ka-Bar Kukri is a durable workhorse and is a very good quality machete.

KA-BAR Kukri Machete 11-1/2" Blade, Leather / Cordura Sheath
KA-BAR Kukri Machete 11-1/2" Blade, Leather / Cordura Sheath

When compared to the CS kukri machete that seems to be so popular, the Ka Bar Kukri has a much thicker spine, comes with great fit and finish, is hair-popping sharp out of the box, and has a much better heat treat/steel.

The Ka Bar Kukri Machete is an ideal knife for the outdoorsman who cannot resist the call of the backcountry. This precision machete is well balanced, and with its 11 and 1/2 inch curved blade, cutting through thick brush, clearing a campsite, even chopping firewood will not be a problem. The blade is coated with a strong black epoxy, ensuring a fine, erosion-resistant edge.

The Ka-Bar Kukri has numerous survival applications from brush clearing, to wood chopping, quartering game, and even defensive purposes if it ever came to that. Keep one in addition to a hatchet to cover any chopping needs you may have. They can be used for just about anything.

I love my Ka-Bar Black Kukri. It came razor sharp. It doesn’t hold an edge as long as the Cold Steel kukris but it is much easier to sharpen. Also the handle is more comfortable than any other kukri I have felt. It is perfect for continuous chopping without your hand getting soar. This knife is well worth it’s price which is way less than one would expect.

To buy or get more information on the KA-BAR Kukri Machete with 11-1/2" Blade and Leather / Cordura Sheath, click the link below.

KA-BAR Kukri Machete 11-1/2" Blade, Leather / Cordura Sheath

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