Tuesday, April 17, 2012

KA-BAR 1211 Full Size Black Fighting Knife Review

The Ka-Bar 1211 knife has a Clip Point blade with a 20 degree angle . It is made from 1095 High Carbon Steel which is very easy to sharpen and harder than most stainless steels. Because it is not a stainless steel you will have a little more maintenance on your hands, but nothing major, just keep the blade oiled between uses and when storing your survival knife. The blade length of the blade is 7 inches and the overall length of this Ka-Bar Survival Knife is 11.75 inches. This knife is great for bigger jobs like batoning wood because of its size and weight. It weighs in at .66 lbs which is very manageable for a knife this size. The blade is thick enough to use as a pry bar if you really needed to, although I don’t recommend that you use your survival knife for prying unless you had no other choice.

The handle is Ka-Bar’s Kraton-G which gives a nice grip even in muddy or wet conditions, which is something I look for in a survival knife, unless you are going to be using it in perfect weather, this is an important consideration for proper functionality and safety. One point to note is that this survival knife is still manufactured in the U.S. and most survival knives are no longer made in the USA. It’s nice to see something with great quality still manufactured in the USA as rare as it is these days.

The sheath that comes with this
Ka-Bar 1211 Knife is not made in the USA but it does the job as well as a sheath can. The sheath is made of leather and it looks nice but I think leather sheaths are the worst material they can make sheaths from. If you actually use your knife then it will get wet and a leather sheath will hold moisture which is no good for preventing corrosion. I usually buy the Kydex Sheath when I can get one for a particular knife. The kydex sheath is much thinner and gives you a lot more mounting options which is helpful for a knife this large. And most importantly the Kydex sheath won’t retain moisture like a leather or nylon sheath will. Overall this is a great knife if you are looking for one this large, this might be the best survival knife at this length at this price point.

To buy or get more information on the KA-BAR 1211 Full Size Fighting Knife 7" Black Plain Blade, Kraton G Handle, Leather Sheath, click the link below.

KA-BAR 1211 Full Size Fighting Knife 7" Black Plain Blade, Kraton G Handle, Leather Sheath

To buy or get more information on the KA-BAR 1216 Replacement Sheath (Kydex), Fits Most KA-BAR 7" Blades, click the link below.

KA-BAR 1216 Replacement Sheath (Kydex), Fits Most KA-BAR 7" Blades

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