Friday, November 18, 2011

Cold Steel Master Hunter Fixed Blade Knife Review

The Cold Steel Master Hunter Survival Knife is a tough Knife. The spine of the blade is a full 3/16 of an inch thick to allow for the necessary strength and stiffness to field dress and skin even big animals. This knife has a nice straight ground blade with lots of ‘belly’, and the blade design makes it efficient for cutting and slicing. This is made with VG-1 steel which can be sharpened and maintains a sharp edge even under extreme use. Remember to take care of this blade by wiping it off when you’re done using it and keeping it lightly oiled. This blade will rust if you don’t maintain it. The weight of the knife is 6.4 ounces and helps make slicing a breeze.

What is VG-1 Stainless Steel?

VG-1 is a cutlery steel from the same guys that brought us the venerable VG-10. VG-1 is not as commonly used, but performance is similar to that of AUS-8. Currently, Cold Steel is the only major knife company that uses and markets this steel. Around 2006, they replaced all their AUS-8 knives with VG-1.

Though made by the same company as VG-10, and with a similar looking name, it does not hold an edge as long as VG-10. It does sharpen up a little more quickly and can be hardened to RC61, taking a wickedly sharp edge.

* "When considering a new material for a performance upgrade for the Cold Steel Tanto, we tested seven different grades of steel including Shiro 2, V-SP-2, 10A, 440C, VG-10, ATS 34, and VG-1. Physical testing for sharpness, edge retention, point strength, shock, and ultimate blade strength showed that while many of the steels had increased performance in one or two testing categories, only one, VG-1, showed the greatest performance increases in the most critical categories. With an outstanding ability to retain an edge and proven strength in point and blade tests, VG-1 will provide Cold Steel customers with superior performance previously unavailable in a stainless steel blade."

* source:

The handle is Kraton and is specifically designed for long use without fatigue. If you haven’t tried a Kraton handle, you’re in for a treat. Kraton is shock absorbent, and slightly tacky, with a deeply checkered surface. I love Kraton grips. They won’t slip no matter how wet your hand gets. Kraton grips will never split, crack or harbor mildew. Kraton handles are completely impervious to harsh weather and very comfortable to use.

Master Hunter comes in a thick, heavy Conceal-Ex sheath which is hard plastic. The sheath holds the knife in place even without the strap secured. The belt loop holder has Velcro and a snap on it so that you can removed the sheath without taking your belt off which is a great feature. The only downside of this knife is the rust. The Carbon-V steel will rust if you don’t take care of it. You absolutely need to make sure you wipe it off when you’re done using it and keep it lightly oiled and it won’t be a problem.

To buy or get more information on the Cold Steel Master Hunter Knife with VG-1 Stainless 4-1/2" Steel Blade
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Cold Steel Master Hunter VG-1 Stainless 4-1/2" Steel Blade

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