Tuesday, February 7, 2012

SOG Flash II Folding Knife Review

SOG Flash II 3.5" Assisted Satin Combo Blade, Aluminum Handles

This Flash II knife from SOG is a cousin to the Flash I. The Flash II is a bit heavier and has a longer blade, but other than that they're quite similar.

This is not a knife for the timid. The blade is 3.5 inches of AUS8 stainless steel, hardened to 56 on the Rockwell C scale. It comes out of the box wicked sharp. It’s a serious looking knife and feels great in the hand. It’s solid and comfortable. The handle is made of machined aluminum. The blade appears to hold an edge well, but sharpening a serrated blade isn’t easy—fortunately you probably won’t dull the serrated part as quickly as the standard edge.

This knife is available with a standard or combo-edge blade. The combo-edge's serrations extend about halfway up the blade.

The Flash II features SOG's Assisted Technology opening mechanism, which allows automatic, one-handed automatic opening. What I love about this knife is that I can pull it out of my pocket with one hand, flick off the safety lock (yes, there’s a safety), and with a little pressure from my thumb on the nob or knurl and the blade flies open and securely locks into place. This is important because often when I need a knife my other hand is busy holding or steadying something. For some, this assisted opening is a little frightening, but using it a few times eases the fears and its utility becomes clear. This is a very handy feature.

The safety lock is relatively easy to disengage. While I open the knife with one hand I use two hands to close the blade. I think it’s safer to do it that way. That’s why I appreciate the safety lock. As with most firearms, “Red Means Dead.” If you see red in the safety, the knife is ready to open. I suspect that you do not want to keep it in your pocket with the safety off, but I’m unwilling to test it myself. Every day before I put it in my pocket I pick up the knife, flick the safety off, then open the knife. I then close it and lock the safety before putting it in my pocket. I strongly suggest that you follow this routine as well.

If you’re looking for a substantial, affordable, high-performance pocket knife, you should consider the SOG Flash II. I recommend it.

To buy or get more information on the SOG Flash II with 3.5" Assisted Satin Combo Blade and Aluminum Handles, click the link below.

SOG Flash II 3.5" Assisted Satin Combo Blade, Aluminum Handles

To buy or get more information on the SOG Flash II Folding Knife with Assisted 3.5" Satin Combo Blade and Green Zytel Handles, click the link below.

SOG Flash II Folding Knife Assisted 3.5" Satin Combo Blade, Green Zytel Handles

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