Friday, January 6, 2012

SOG Super Bowie Survival Knife Review

The SOG SB1T-L Super Bowie Survival Knife is a new adaptation of the original SOG Bowie that was introduced when the company started. This is a big knife for handling big jobs. The blade is 7.5 inches long and made from very sharp AUS8 Stainless Steel and is in a new large format. The SOG black TiNi coating is great as usual for corrosion protection and is very scratch resistant. At .25 inches thick this blade isn’t going to bend on you if you need to pry things open. However at almost 13 inches long this survival knife can be clumsy to carry on your side, so be sure you want a big honking Survival Knife if you decide to buy this one. The blade shape and construction are great SOG quality and this knife won’t let you down if you have some heavy-duty jobs lined up for it. This knife is rather heavy at 17.4 ounces so keep that in mind.

The handle on this traditional Bowie style knife is nice looking with the stacked washers but I am not a big fan of leather handles. I prefer the SOG Kraton handles when it comes to using real Survival Knives in real outdoor conditions. Leather handles require more maintenance than rubberized handles, but some people prefer the classic look of leather and that is obviously an individual preference. I just don’t like the extra maintenance that goes with leather handles and I don’t like the grip when working in less than great weather conditions. So for me it comes down to keeping a strong grip under even the most extreme conditions. Maybe your usage won’t require rubberized grips and maybe you prefer the classic leather look.

This classic Bowie Knife comes with a leather sheath and sharpening stone. Again I am not a big fan of leather sheaths. They retain moisture and can promote corrosion. Some people like the classic leather look and this sheath certainly works well enough and provides that classic look. I simply prefer the SOG Kydex sheaths. I don’t like the leather handle or the leather sheath but this knife is solid and will handle big jobs and I can’t fault the knife’s performance on the handle and sheath alone. If you need a large Survival Knife for big jobs and you like the look and feel of a leather handle and sheath then this is a great workhorse of a knife.

To buy or get more information on the
SOG SB1T Super Bowie with 7.5" Black Blade, Leather Handles and Black Leather Sheath, click the link below.

SOG SB1T Super Bowie 7.5" Black Blade, Leather Handles, Black Leather Sheath

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