Tuesday, January 3, 2012

CRKT A.G. Russell Sting Tactical Knife Review

The CRKT 2020 AG Russell Sting Tactical Knife is an exceptional tactical knife. It is made entirely of high-grade 1050 Carbon Steel. It is super easy to sharpen and it holds its edge well. The blade really holds up to abuse and though I don’t suggest you abuse it because you would void your warranty if you did, this tactical knife can take what you dish out. This knife is solid and you will be surprised by how heavy it feels. Not to say that this is a heavy knife but it felt heavier than I expected. The blade is 3.2 inches long with an overall length of 6.85 inches for the knife itself. The size puts in on the small side of tactical knives and even though it’s marketed as a tactical knife, you could easily sport this knife as a boot knife.

The handle is very comfortable and gives you a firm grip. There are grooves and indentations over the handle to make it ergonomic and help provide a better grip. I prefer rubberized grips but I have to admit this is the best grip I have felt on a non-rubberized tactical knife handle. The sheath is a custom Cordura Zytel sheath and it small. By custom, I mean, you can tell this sheath was made specifically for this particular tactical knife. It fits like a glove. It has two Velcro straps which allow you to strap the sheath to your belt, to your ankle, or even your arm. It is very comfortable wherever you mount it. I am a little concerned that over time the Velcro straps will lose their ability to hold well but it’s too new for me to say that now. There is a beautiful powder coating over this knife which can be scratched. Maybe the real problem is that this knife is so tough, that you find yourself pushing the limits of how hard you use it and scratches are to be expected when you use a knife as hard as I have used this one. CRKT claims that the blade is indestructible and I have to say after using this knife, I don’t doubt them. The CRKT Sting is such a great knife and it’s pretty easy to see why CRKT is considered such an excellent brand after owning this tactical knife. Have I mentioned that this knife is basically perfect?

To buy or get more information on the Columbia River AG Russell Sting Boot Knife with 3.197" Double Edge Blade and Zytel Sheath, click the link below.

Columbia River AG Russell Sting Boot Knife 3.197" Double Edge Blade, Zytel Sheath

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