Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Zero Tolerance 0200 Folding Knife Review

Zero Tolerance Model 0200 Folder 4" Plain Blade, Black G10 Handles

You can never tell when danger will come your way, but it is best that you are well prepared for it. This kind of situation will require you to defend yourself . In this situation, you need a knife you can trust. The Zero Tolerance zt 0200 will aid you in this situation.

The ZT 0200 has a 154CM blade that (historically) should not have any issues with rust and holds an edge well. The blade is just shy of 4 inches which means I cannot recommend this as an Every Day Carry (EDC) to everyone because laws in your area may prevent you from carrying it. In the field, this knife is one of the best folders I've ever used. The 4 inch length is ideal in the field and I HIGHLY recommend it for this use. It is made more versatile with its innovative re-curve blade. The design of this knife provides the ideal leverage needed for cutting.

The action of the knife (how it opens and locks) is very smooth. It is probably the smoothest knife I own. The lock is very solid and I have no issues with really using it hard because it has little chance in folding up. In fact, I'm impressed with the oversized pivot screw which is held by an actual nut like you'd see on a piece of machinery.

The liners are stainless and should have no issues with corrosion and should last a long time. The scales (outside part of the "handle") are G10 which are pretty much impervious to the elements. The serrations (should you choose this option) are actually scallops. It's the difference of serrations being pointy and scallops are rounded like a cake knife. The Zero Tolerance 0200's "scalloped" serrations are MUCH more likely to cut than tear, which normal serrations are sure to do.

The Kershaw Zero Tolerance 0200 is a GREAT knife for the field. You can move the pocket clip to one of the 4 positions (tip up, tip down, left side, right side). It is made of element resistant material. It is made very tough and is simply one of the best knives around. I do not believe it will let you down.

To buy or get more information on the Zero Tolerance Model 0200 Folder with 4" Plain Blade and Black G10 Handles, click the link below.

Zero Tolerance Model 0200 Folder 4" Plain Blade, Black G10 Handles

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