Friday, August 12, 2011

KA-BAR Fin Fixed Blade Knife Review

KA-BAR FIN Fixed 4-7/8" D2 Steel Combo Edge Tanto Blade with Sheath

The Peter Janda Fin series is definitely Ka-Bar quality. The blade is made from awesome D2 steel so it holds it’s edge for a long time but it is harder to sharpen than other steels because of the tempering. There are two designs to choose from in the Drop Point style, serrated and smooth. If you prefer serrations then choose the serrated version. If you don’t like the pain of sharpening your survival knife blade with serrations on the sharp edge then choose the smooth style. I wish all manufacturers offered a choice between smooth and serrated when they put the serrations on the sharp edge of the blade. The blade on the KA-BAR Fin knife is coated with what appears to be titanium based black powder. It hasn’t scraped off from my usage so far which is a good thing. The blade is 5 1/2 inches in length and the overall length of the KA-BAR Fin is about 10 inches which makes it very manageable.

KA-BAR FIN Fixed 4-7/8" D2 Steel Combo Edge Tanto Blade with Sheath

The handle provides a very comfortable grip. When you hold the KA-BAR Fin Fixed Blade knife, it just seems so right. The angled design makes it very nice to use for smaller tasks. The handle scales are removable and the texture helps provide a strong grip. Although it is very comfortable to hold, the angle makes it tiring to use on heavier tasks for a long period of time. I tend to use survival knives for bigger tasks or I least want that capability without feeling like I am getting a forearm workout. If I have to build a shelter I will probably stick to my SOG Seal Pup Elite but this survival knife is awesome as a camp knife for more common tasks. It will handle the bigger jobs but the hard plastic type handle combined with the angle that feels comfortable to hold is not as comfortable for long heavy use. The handle has a lanyard hole at the butt end but it is kind of small. The butt end has a glass breaker pommel for breaking glass or for use in a cheek bone crushing self-defense move. The handle has jimping running along the backside so you can place your thumb where it is most comfortable for you.

The sheath is Kydex which are some of the best sheaths around as far as I am concerned. The sheath has drainage holes at the bottom and of course your don’t have to worry about the kydex sheath retaining moisture like a nylon or leather sheath would. That’s good news when you actually use the Peter Janda Fin knife in all weather conditions. The friction when sliding the Fin knife in and out of the sheath is a little tight. Some people don’t like when their KA-BAR Fin knife locks in to a sheath with friction. Just something to consider. The sheath can be fitted to MOLLE gear using 550 paracord. The sheath also has jimping which allows you to draw the knife from the sheath with one hand, as long as the suspension strap is undone.

This KA-BAR Fin's design is great, it is so comfortable to hold. The D2 steel is awesome. It holds its edge well. The price is great. You won’t find a survival as good as this one at this price point. I prefer to use this knife for camping and leave the bigger tasks to survival knives that don’t have the ergonomic design.

To buy or get more information on the KA-BAR FIN Fixed 4-7/8" D2 Steel Combo Edge Tanto Blade with Sheath, click the link below.

KA-BAR FIN Fixed 4-7/8" D2 Steel Combo Edge Tanto Blade with Sheath

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  1. my name is braden smith and i think that the KA-BAR FIN Fixed 4-7/8" D2 Steel Combo Edge Tanto Blade with Sheath should be started back into production.