Monday, February 21, 2011

KA-BAR Large Heavy Bowie Knife Review

KA-BAR 14-1/4" Large-Heavy Bowie with Leather/Cordura Sheath
KA-BAR 14-1/4" Large-Heavy Bowie with Leather/Cordura Sheath

If you need a knife heavy enough for chopping wood, the KA-BAR Large Heavy Bowie could be a match. The tactical black high carbon 1085 steel blade is flat ground and tempered to Rockwell 55 to 57 -- it's a strong edge that will even hold up to rocks without serious damage. If you try skinning a deer with it, you may miss a lighter knife's hollow ground razor edge. This KABAR Heavy Bowie is better at the rough work.

With a Kraton grip formed securely to the rat tail tang, this big Bowie knife has more of the feel of a machete, which Ka-Bar makes in a very similar pattern. Both styles of knife use the same materials and are produced by the same suppliers in Taiwan. Standards are set pretty high for the Bowie, at least in terms of durability. You can treat it much like an axe without doing it harm, since the blade is a full quarter-inch thick. It probably will come in most useful as a substitute for a light camp axe and work well for the same chopping and trimming chores.

Amazingly enough, the KA BAR Bowie Knife only weighs 8 ounces due to the rat-tail handle build and the Kraton grip. You could get a stronger knife in a heavier full-width tang -- but with the KA-BAR Bowie, there's no reason to be concerned. Ka-Bar has been building prybar strong knives with rat-tail tangs for a very long time.

A black leather-backed nylon sheath comes with the Bowie and includes a ring at the tip so you can strap it to your thigh like Rambo. In this case, it makes sense to do that.

Overall the KABAR Heavy Bowie gets an 8 star rating because despite being a beast that can handle big jobs when you need it most, it is also comfortable to use and well-balanced. The downside is the size. You won’t be using this as the survival knife for smaller jobs and probably wouldn’t want to tether this to your leg due to its length. But if you need a bigger knife for bigger jobs, then you can’t beat Ka-Bar quality and the ruggedness of the KA-BAR Large Heavy Bowie Knife.

To buy or get more information on the KA-BAR 14-1/4" Large-Heavy Bowie with Leather/Cordura Sheath, click the link below.

KA-BAR 14-1/4" Large-Heavy Bowie with Leather/Cordura Sheath

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