Wednesday, June 20, 2012

TOPS Buck 650 Nighthawk Fixed Blade Combat Knife Review

The TOPS/Buck 650 Nighthawk Combat Knife is a rugged fixed blade tactical knife with a nice looking and ergonomically designed handle. The blade is 6.5 inches long and is a modified clip point shape. Made from 420 High Carbon Black Oxide Stainless Steel, Buck uses an excellent heat treatment that maximizes the steel’s hardiness. The blade is on the thicker side so it isn’t the greatest at slicing but it can be used as a pry bar. This blade also isn’t the best at chopping but it stabs with great penetration. It is 11-1/4 inches in overall length and weighs 10 oz.The weight is distributed nicely and it feels comfortable even at 11 plus inches. I think part of the reason it feels comfortable to hold is due to the rubberized grip.

The TOPS Buck Nighthawk has a reinforced molded black nylon handle, with a rubber overlay that is textured. I think this is one of Buck Knives better handles because of the textured rubber. It still provides a good grip even in wet conditions but I am partial to rubberized type of grips for that reason alone. Unless you use your knives in a bubble I think rubberized handles are a serious consideration when looking to purchase a Survival Knife. One thing to be concerned with is how you treat the handle. The handle is somewhat durable but don’t go hammering with it because there is no steel pommel underneath it. I haven’t heard of any problems with the handle but my concern is being an overlay that separation can occur over time.

This knife comes with a black nylon sheath that is better than the normal Buck Knives leather sheaths. It’s not the best sheath out there but it is decent and doesn’t necessarily need to be replaced. This knife is an excellent outdoor utility blade that doubles nicely as a self-defense weapon.

To buy or get more information on the TOPS/Buck 650 Nighthawk Combat Knife Fixed 6-1/2" Plain Blade with Nylon Handles, click the link below.

TOPS/Buck 650 Nighthawk Combat Knife Fixed 6-1/2" Plain Blade, Nylon Handles

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