Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Cold Steel Recon 1 Tanto Folding Knife Review

Cold Steel Recon 1 Tanto 4" Combo Blade, G10 Handles

A top quality and reliable folding clip knife, the Cold Steel Recon 1 with 4" tanto blade forged from Japanese AUS 8A stainless steel and coated with non-reflection and nearly frictionless black Teflon is more than enough knife for serious work. Light weight (5.2 ounces) and a folded length of only 5 3/8" make this full sized tanto inconspicuous and easy to carry.

This knife's handle is made of two stainless steel plates between 'scales' made of G-10, a laminate made of fiberglass reinforced with epoxy. The G-10 alone would be sufficiently strong; the stainless steel liners are a great touch which make the knife stronger than it should ever need to be. The liners and scales are bolted together with five torx bolts that are accessible from the outside, should you feel the need to service the knife yourself (doing so may void the warranty, however). The handle has a nice shape which rests comfortably in the hand: the corners are rounded enough that they do not bite, the forefinger groove is deep and provides good protection, and the handle tapers narrower toward the end.

G-10 is one of my favorite knife scales since when you grip it, it grips back! Because it has a very high coefficient of friction it feels great to hold and is very secure. The use of G-10 combined with good grip geometry make the knife easily handled in slippery conditions.

The grip is shaped well enough to be secure and safe, although if you want this knife to double as a utility blade the textured Zytel may be a blister maker compared to traditional materials. Designed for concealment and penetration, the combo edged tanto blade may not be the best choice if you want an all around camp knife or folding skinner, but Cold Steel makes the
Recon 1 in enough blade styles that anyone should find one that fits their needs.

Recon 1 uses what Cold Steel calls the Tri Ad Lock mechanism which is a completely ambidextrous lock alleged to be able to withstand 200 lbs of closing pressure. I was skeptical of Cold Steel's claims, but quickly learned to like this device for a few reasons: It locks up like a vault, without a hint of blade play either vertically or horizontally. It is unlikely to accidentally disengage (as can happen with a liner lock or frame lock) because of its positioning. It appears very strong; for it to fail, either the locking pin, or the pin that the blade rotates on would actually have to shear. Considering that they are solid steel, that would require a tremendous amount of force (especially as compared to the amount of force necessary for a liner lock to simply bend). Finally, it's easy to use. The last comment I have on this lock is that it provides resistance to the initial opening of the blade - this keeps the knife securely closed while riding in your pocket.

The clip is thick, tight, and small - it goes unnoticed by the hand while cutting. It is attached by three smaller torx bolts, and can be switched to the other side of the knife. The Recon 1 allows for tip-up carry only (tip of knife faces up when clipped into your pocket). There is some concern that in tip-up carry, a knife can open in your pocket, but because of the Tri Lock in the Recon 1, this is highly unlikely. The clip as it arrives from the factory is quite tight, keeping the knife very secure. The positioning of the clip means that about of an inch of the handle stays out of the pocket. Though this makes the knife easier to take out, it also tells the world that you're carrying a large knife - this may not go over so well in politically correct or high security environments. The knife also has a lanyard hole large enough to accommodate paracord.

Using the best modern materials and state of the art manufacturing methods, Cold Steel knives are at the top level of the urban defense market. People who buy them are not disappointed.

All in all, the
Cold Steel Recon 1 is a great knife. I don't have any doubt as to the Recon 1's workmanship or quality. This robustness comes at the cost of weight, which makes it more of a blade for camp use than for every day carry. It's very easy to use, smooth to operate, secure and comfortable, and both takes and holds a very sharp edge. To put it simply, I'd recommend this knife to a friend.

To buy or get more information on the Cold Steel Recon 1 Tanto with 4" Combo Blade and G10 Handles, click the link below.

Cold Steel Recon 1 Tanto 4" Combo Blade, G10 Handles

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