Monday, August 29, 2011

Benchmade 710 McHenry & Williams Folding Knife Review

Benchmade 710 McHenry & Williams 3.90" Satin Finish D2 Steel Plain Edge Blade

The Benchmade 710D2 is the end result of lots of hard work over the path of 4 years of the two great designers Bull McHenry and Jason Williams. The AXIS lock is completely ambidextrous and makes it possible for comfortable one-handed opening and closing of the blade without your fingers ever being in the path of the blade. The design is incredibly intuitive to work with little or no direction needed on how the lock functions.

The knife is easy to open and close and can easily be opened with one hand. To open the knife you can either disengage the lock and give it a quick flick or you can use the ambidextrous thumb studs. A number of different reviewers agree that this knife can be opened just quickly as knives with spring assist mechanisms.

The Benchmade 710D2 weighs 4.5 ounces which may be a bit heavy to some people but for others it is not really an issue. The extra weight comes from the 410 stainless steel used in the locking mechanism and this knife has arguably the strongest locking mechanism on the market. The liners have been milled out to reduce some weight.

The brute strength of the lock is the major selling feature. To test the lock, a load of more than 200 pounds was applied. The lock supported it without damage. When the lock finally failed, the liners merely cracked over the locking pin but in no way would the blade have closed on the user hand in testing.

The AXIS lock features two Omega shaped springs that give excellent functional redundancy. The springs are stressed slightly. Various tests reveal they should last indefinitely. In the improbable event that one of the springs does fail, the other can still control the knife just fine.

The G10 handle material can be a bit slick which could pose a problem while using the knife in extreme conditions but the handle design widens as it nears the blade in order to help reduce slippage.

On the butt end of the knife, there is a detachable stainless steel pocket clip. The butt end place of the clip is essential because of the locking system. Positioning the clip on the pivot end would push the knife to protrude much far out the pocket.

The pocket clip is reversible and feels natural in hand. I have the 710D2 Benchmade and use it for everything - cutting paper and cardboard, cutting string, heavy duty plastic box straps, cutting into the occasional snack, etc. It holds its edge very well.

The Benchmade 710D2 Mchenry and Williams Design Knife is a high quality knife that is durable and practical and is worthy of your consideration if you are looking for a good, reliable knife.

To buy or get more information on the Benchmade 710 McHenry & Williams 3.90" Satin Finish D2 Steel Plain Edge Blade, click the link below.

Benchmade 710 McHenry & Williams 3.90" Satin Finish D2 Steel Plain Edge Blade

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