Monday, May 23, 2011

Kershaw Junkyard Dog II Folding Knife Review

Kershaw Junkyard Dog II 3-3/4" Composite Blade and G10 Handles

Like its namesake, the Kershaw Junkyard Dog II Pocket Knife isn't pretty, but it's tough. The Junkyard Dog II is a little lighter than its predecessor, the all-stainless-steel Junkyard Dog I. With textured handle slabs of G-10, it's also a lot friendlier to the hands.

This is another innovative example of a one-handed opening system which seems like a good idea -- but could provide some interesting quirks as well. Instead of a thumb stud to rotate the blade out of the stainless steel frame handle, finger pressure on the "flipper" section of the blade back has to build up high enough to force the blade out of the friction lock. A handy feature that keeps the knife from opening in the pocket, the friction lock releases suddenly, allowing the blade to swing fully open on momentum alone.

Locked into place, the knife's wide blade is sturdy and impressive. Handle design is slightly offset, allowing the plain edge to be used for any ordinary purpose but also providing some of the instinctive fighting aspects of pistol grip designs. The stainless steel pocket clip secures it in easy reach without the need for a belt sheath.

The new handle build cuts the weight to only 5.2 ounces, and the Sandvik 14C28N high stainless steel blade is built for heavy work. Give the Junkyard Dog a regular and thorough cleaning and oiling if you expect all features to work properly.

I'm very impressed with the Kershaw Junkyard Dog II overall. Ergonomics are outstanding, and obviously a lot of thought went into the design. Even the clip plays a role in making the knife feel very good and very secure in hand. The Kershaw Junkyard Dog II is built like a tank and is a great value for the money. You will get many years of service from this well-made knife.

To buy or get more information on the Kershaw Junkyard Dog II 3-3/4" Composite Blade Knife with G10 Handles, click the link below.

Kershaw Junkyard Dog II 3-3/4" Composite Blade and G10 Handles


With a blade composed of two different kinds of steel, the Kershaw Junkyard II Composite uses 13C26 steel on the spine and CPM-D2 on the cutting surface. The idea behind the design is that the more expensive metal is used on the cutting surface while the least expensive metal makes up the majority of the blade. The two metals are separated by a copper accent that gives it an extra nice look. This Kershaw Junkyard Dog II model 1725CB is a relatively large knife that feels great when you use it. A black vinyl gift pouch is included.

Key Features:
  • Uses two different kinds of metals
  • Copper accent separator
  • Gift pouch included

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