Monday, December 6, 2010

KA-BAR USMC Fighting Knife Review

Ka-Bar Knives USMC Fighting / Utility Knife w/ Leather Sheath

The KA-BAR is the famous fighting/utility knife used by United States Marines throughout World War II. It's a Big Knife... nearly 12" long with a 7" blade. World War II Marines used it not only for a combat weapon, but for pounding tent stakes, driving nails, opening ration cans, or even digging foxholes... it was one tough, reliable knife and for good reason: The original KA-BAR Company considered it their contribution to the war effort and made it tough enough to survive torturous testing beyond that required by the USMC. They drove it into 6" X 6" timbers and strained the blade back and forth at extreme angles to be sure it wouldn't break when our soldiers needed it. They constantly tested edge retention by cutting through all types of materials. They submitted the leather handles to severe atmospheric and corrosion tests to be sure they would hold up under all conditions of cold, heat or jungle rot. You've heard the multitude of military stories praising this amazing knife and how popular it was with the soldiers? Now you know why!

Except for a short run of commemoratives produced in the '70's, these amazing knives haven't been made since the end of World War II. In 1996, KA-BAR assets were purchased by Alcas corporation. The blueprints and tooling for the KA-BAR USMC Knife were resurrected and now they're back in production. They're a little bit of history you can be proud to own and carry in the field hunting.

These modern production KA-BAR knives are made to the same specifications as the original. Blades are high carbon 1095 steel tempered to HRC 56-58 so they'll hold an edge while maintaining tensile strength. Handles are shaped from oval, stacked leather segments for a comfortable, non-slip grip. Pommels are made from a powdered metal process and hand guards are carbon steel. All of the metal surfaces are finished in powder coat matte black to give corrosion protection and eliminate glare.

Just like the original WWII KA-BAR's, these have 7" blades and measure 11-7/8ths (Almost a foot) long. Each KA-BAR comes with a cowhide sheath like the originals. And, the sheath is embossed with the US Marine Corp Eagle and Globe crest.

For more information or to buy the Ka-Bar USMC Fighting / Utility Knife, click the link below.

Kabar Knives USMC Fighting / Utility Knife w/ Leather Sheath


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